Create competitive advantage

A business seeking to lease space is usually at a disadvantage in negotiating with a professional, full-time landlord. But with no-cost tenant representation services from NAI Glickman Kovago & Jacobs, you have a specialist in your corner, representing your interests in securing a location that suits your needs.

Based on your budget and square footage requirements for your business, we discuss a variety of solutions, which could include alternatives to leasing new space, from renegotiating your existing lease to considering an outright purchase.

To identify a selection of preferred location options, our team members pool their local knowledge. We live here, and our on-the-ground networks help us stay current on emerging opportunities.

Once you find your ideal space, our experts monitor the shifting landscape of real estate law and regulation to ensure your lease agreement remains in compliance.

Partnering with us also enables you to build out your space the way you want it, on preferable terms prior to your move-in. And speaking of relocation, we can recommend one of several third-party moving company teams.

We have a step-by-step process for each tenant we work with.

  • Start with square footage: Start this process with a clear idea of your requirements.
  • Tour site options: We ensure that you have enough options to make a clear-cut decision.
  • Financial modeling: Let us run the numbers for you. The results may surprise you.
  • Finalize term sheets: Understand which terms you must have, and which you can live with.
  • Lease negotiation, including permit process: Here’s where our true value lies, as the small print can have long-term implications.
  • Tenant improvements: We’ll need to discuss this together at greater length.
  • Landlord notice and transition: Don’t forget your current landlord has needs too.
  • Move in!

This value-added tenant representative service brings benefits to businesses of any size. Let’s talk about how it can help you at this point in your business cycle.

Ready for a competitive advantage?

Gain leverage and an even playing field with our free tenant representation services.