Full Accounting

Plan and prioritize for peace of mind

You enjoy a competitive advantage when you access the suite of accounting services for property management clients available through NAI Glickman Kovago & Jacobs. Understanding the numbers behind your real estate investments enables you to make strategic decisions that can have time-sensitive impacts on your profits.

It is rare to find property managers with public or private accounting experience on their team. Our experts can speak to the numbers. We supply a proprietary monthly scorecard to each client, a concise snapshot of income, ongoing costs versus budgeted amounts, property management projects, brokerage and accounts receivable updates. We can also give you an accounting of the true running costs of a vacancy.

When you bring us onboard, you decide how much or how little you want to be involved in the day-to-day property management operations. We track your accounts receivable and will conduct a year-end reconciliation on common area maintenance charges. As the tax season begins, we will coordinate our work with your CPA for a seamless financial hand-off on property activity tracking.

We are committed to your long-range planning efforts, and will support you with data associated with projected capital investments and expenses for a five-year plan or longer.

You can relax. Our management capabilities and deep experience will ensure your real estate assets are providing the returns you expected.

Let’s speak to your numbers.

Our timely, sophisticated financial reporting enables informed property management decisions.