Extended Services

Back in Business, ASAP

Natural or manmade, disasters happen. The primary question for any affected business owner is “How fast can we be back in business?” The answer is “faster than you think possible,” thanks to the dedicated in-house team at NAI Glickman Kovago & Jacobs.

In close coordination with public adjustors, we tackle both exterior and interior restoration projects from fire, burst pipes, flooded sites and other unexpected property damage. From minor repairs to major rebuilds, we handle the complex details involved with multiple trades and subcontractors. And if you need to establish temporary offices to continue operations, we also coordinate with specialty moving services.

When a manufacturer needed to move to new quarters, we managed the careful planning required to disassemble machinery and move assembly line rigging, and then prepared the new site to detailed specifications, including reinforcing floors for the reassembly of critical equipment.

For unexpected renovations, we design and provide upgrades for new accessibility requirements presented by tenants or new corporate facades demanded by parent companies. Other extended services include reconfiguration of multi-unit property layouts as part of significant reconstruction projects for greater usability, particularly when renovating older buildings, a common challenge in Central Massachusetts and the greater Worcester area.

  • We take that first call. The site may still be smoldering, but we meet with the public adjustor to establish the scope of the restoration project.
  • We set up a timeline. Once we have established the scope of the project, we build out plans that coordinate with any third-party supplier.
  • We stay in touch. You may find we overcommunicate, but we want you to understand how the project is progressing and what challenges may remain on site.
  • We stick to the plan. We understand that any time lost can be as disastrous as the initial fire or flood. Our professionals have decades of experience with projects and anticipate the time required to complete the project and return to business as usual.

The dedicated commercial construction team at NAI Glickman Kovago & Jacobs has the depth of experience to plan and manage your unexpected renovation or rebuilding project.

Let’s get you back to business.

Our in-house construction team handles unexpected disruptions, from natural disasters to new regulatory requirements.